Be Your Own Valentine – Last Post!

hearts - Copy.jpgI hope you have all appreciated this series and were able to discover practical ways to show yourself some love.

Self-love seems to be something that we all struggle with on some level.

We love ourselves TOO much in some areas, and deprive ourselves of it in others. It is a balance that is difficult to achieve, but something that is worth figuring out. I know that I personally struggle to find this balance and I have seen so many others do the same.

The question now is… what are your trouble areas? What do you specifically need to address? Here are some areas that you can consider…

  • Self-perception (appearance, character, skillfulness, morality, worthiness, etc.)
  • Proper nutrition/Eating well
  • Physical fitness/Working out
  • Pursuing enjoyment
  • Treating yourself
  • Rest
  • Addressing mental health needs
  • Getting support
  • Self-confidence
  • Sticking up for yourself
  • Allowing others to love you
  • Spending quality time with people you love
  • Pursuing what you are good at
  • Serving others
  • Getting proper medical care (preventative and intervention)
  • Admitting you need help
  • Asking for help
  • Going to church
  • Spending time with God
  • Learning and enriching yourself intellectually
  • Investing in yourself professionally
  • Unplugging from technology
  • Setting up limits and rules in your household
  • Figuring out and knowing your core values
  • Choosing to learn from difficult circumstances instead of sulking
  • Dropping the victim mentality
  • Getting out and trying something new
  • Pushing yourself to new levels
  • Getting your priorities straight
  • Spending time to look nice
  • Creating time and space to achieve your goals/dreams
  • Sticking to a routine
  • Planning ahead
  • Embracing your beauty

Which areas do you lack in loving yourself?
And more difficultly… Which areas do you show yourself a little too much love?

Self-love can easily morph into being self-centered. And being self-centered may feel lovely in the moment, but I guarantee you that in the long-term, you will see that your self-centered leaves you will your self… because no one enjoys someone who is self-centered.

It may seem counter intuitive to end a series about self love with talking about how to avoid too much self-love… but knowing the bent human nature, I feel that this is simply necessary. Think of this as one of those warning tags on your hair-dryer to not blow-dry your hair in the bathtub. Perhaps obvious, but apparently not so obvious as we all would think. Here is to hoping you love yourself more where you need to, and that you forfeit your self-centered tendencies.

In fact… if you think about it… forfeiting self-centeredness is self loving.



Please leave a comment with your areas and anything you may have learned throughout this series!


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