Be Your Own Valentine – Family Friday; featuring Kimberly Hawkins

I am excited for you to hear from another woman who shares a lot in common with me (except the being a mom part… hoping add that credential one of these days!). Kimberly hits on some topics that are pain points for SO many parents. I am confident you will be enriched by her words and be able to learn some great tips. I so appreciate her open and honest heart!

Here’s Kimberly…


Family Friday – Tech Free Tips!

I am so honored to be partnered with Jillian this month and being able to share ways to Love Yourself as a family!


As you may or may not know, I am partnered with Jillian through Team Inspire, our amazing Beachbody team! I am so thankful for the opportunities that Beachbody has brought into my life! I am also a mental health counselor, like Jillian, so I work outside the home part time.  Our Beachbody job is primarily online and we spend quite a bit of time and energy supporting and preparing for our clients.  I truly love helping people in all aspects of life! With that being said, I am also a wife and mother to two little girls and that is my most important job.  Since partnering with Beachbody last summer, I have found that I have spent so much more time on social media and my computer.  I am planning for my posts, checking in with challengers, building relationships, and helping any way I can.  Prior to working with Beachbody I could go weeks, even months without posting on social media.  This was a major shift for me in my daily life and I have really enjoyed the relationships I have built and I am loving the outlet of blogging, but I am now trying to find a new balance for my family.  The other night, my three year old asked me where my phone was and if I needed it.  At first I didn’t think much of it, then after I put her to bed that night it hit me….she thinks I need my phone with me at all times.  She sees mommy on her phone so much, she wanted to be sure that I had it by my side.  I felt horrible.  This is not to shame mothers from being on their phone.  Our worlds are changing, and our children are growing up in a much different time than we did.  My 3 year old is better at using an Ipad than I am and I know that it will not be long before she is teaching me new things on the computer.  I do think that a healthy balance is important though.  So we are going to be trying a few, simple things to balance our technology usage in our house and I thought the tips might be helpful to others, even if you don’t have kiddos try this with your significant other.


First, we are going to focus on a media free dinner time.  I know what you’re thinking, you have a 3 year old, why do you have media at the dinner table? This rule is more for Daddy and me.  My husband runs his own business and so do I, therefore we are on call more frequently than other people may be.  We sometimes feel the pressure to reply to our client’s quickly.  Unless it is an actual emergency, dinner time is not going to be the time to answer calls, texts, or emails anymore.  The 30 minutes or so that we spend with our daughters at the dinner table is priceless.  I am learning so much more about my daughter’s day and what’s on her mind and watching my 10 month old explore new foods is so much fun!

Next, I am trying to encourage my daughter to help me prepare dinner when we get home, instead of watching tv until dinner is ready.  I’m just being honest here, sometimes after a long day, it’s easier for me if she watches something on tv while I get dinner together.  Some days I may need the minute when I get home to decompress and on those days, she may still watch something on tv for a minute, but when I can include her I will.  I’m working to teach her a healthy relationship with food, and teaching her how to prepare healthy options is important to me.  She also seems to more willingly eat the food she helps prepare, and with a picky toddler that is a win win!

Finally, I am going to be gentle with myself and try to soak up every minute I can with my girls.  It’s very easy to experience “mom guilt” for allowing too much screen time, not eating organic every meal, etc but I am going to work to release myself of those pressures.  I encourage you to do the same.  We are all doing our best and showing our kiddos and families love is the most important thing!  I am going to try to be better, but I know I will mess up.  I am human, I am flawed, and that’s ok! I will try again tomorrow :).

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