Be Your Own Valentine – Theme Thursday; Featuring Jill Jacobs!

We are on guest #5! I am so blessed by reading these posts and am honored that these guests are willing to pour our their hearts to my readers. This next guest is just as professional, motivating, and beautiful! Jill is another Team INSPIRE coach who is such a great inspiration. She works hard, loves and serves her family in numerous ways, and is killing it when it comes to fitness! Her post helps to embody what Theme Thursdays are all about on JRW… how everything is connected and all areas of our life need to be addressed to find peace and victory in life.

Here’s Jill…


Like many of you reading this post, I’m a mom with a packed family schedule. I have 2 boys ages 13 and 8. I homeschool them both. We are actively involved with our church family as well as scouts. I have an online training and nutrition coaching program, a blog, and a newsletter to send out regularly. I value my health (eating/cooking nutritious food and working out). I enjoy having family time with my husband and kids. There is simply a lot to fit in each week.

In this hectic world, it’s tempting to let caring for my own needs come last. Over my 13+ years as a mom, I’ve come to realize that letting my self-care diminish is one of the biggest mistakes I can make. I’m a better wife, mom, coach, and friend when I take a little time to pour some love into myself in various ways.

But there is still a big problem! How do I fit self-care into my busy schedule?!? Honestly, I get asked that question often, so I want to share the #1 way that I’m able to make taking care of myself a priority.

I wake up earlier than my kids. That’s how I do it. I wake up early. I’m not a morning person at all, but I value what I get out of my morning routine more than I value sleep (most days, at least!). Maybe you’ve heard the quote, “You have to want to change MORE than you want to stay the same.” I got to that point with self-care. I valued what it does for me and my family more than I valued the additional sleep.

I have an established morning routine that sets me up mentally for a positive day full of energy to be the best wife, mom, and coach I can be! (Anything that sets me up for a successful day is something I consider self-care even though it’s not a massage or hot bubble bath 🙂 ). My routine includes spiritual, mental, and physical focuses.

square kb pic with logo.pngLet’s take a quick look at what my routine includes:

Spiritual Focus (30-60 minutes): The first thing I do in the morning (after I pour my coffee!) is read a devotional book or watch a video devotion. I then spend time in prayer. I’ve not always been good at this. It was late summer or early fall of last year that I added this to my morning routine. It’s left me more fulfilled spiritually than ever in my life.

Mental Focus (60 minutes): Next, I have a focused time of work. I check in with clients, write (blogs, programs, newsletters, etc.), and complete things on my to-do list that will help move my business forward.

Physical Focus (30-60 minutes): The last part of my morning routine is my workout. This is something that my husband, David, and I do together. It’s quality time plus helps us stay active and fit!

I want to have breakfast at 8, so I need to get up around 5:00 am to make sure my morning routine stays on track. This routine wasn’t easy for me to start, but it’s been worth it for all aspects of my health. I feel such a sense of accomplishment because of what I’ve already gotten done by 8. That feeling is motivation to get up and do it again the next day.

Now it’s your turn: What is one thing you can do to make self-care a daily priority? This could be in the spiritual, mental, or physical realm.

Can you commit to taking a 10-minute walk each day? Starting a workout routine? Completing that devotional book you started but never finished? Read a book for enjoyment? I’d love to hear your answers in the comments below!

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