Be Your Own Valentine – Family Friday; Featuring Mindy Court!

Family is such a huge part of our lives… whether they are there for us, or not. Our family impacts us from day one. This is why giving your best to your family is so important. When you give less than your best and you see the negative outcomes, it is crushing to your spirit. NO ONE is perfect. There will be things that you regret or wish could have been different, but as long as you are trying your best, that is all you can aspire to do… and the only fair standard to set for yourself.

Guest blogger, Mindy Court has written a phenomenal post about how she is making a positive impact on her sweet daughter to ensure she is growing up knowing she is beautiful and learning the Court family values. Mindy is a fellow Team INSPIRE coach with me and has been super supportive of me and a joy to know! She completely understands the idea of holistic health, loves mindfulness, is a great momma, and is a great positive influence for women! I am so pleased that you all will hear how she is impacting her family and give you a practical tip for impacting yours! You can check out her blog as well at:

Here’s Mindy!


Everyone always says that time flies and that our babies grow up too fast.  I
am especially feeling this way right now because my daughter is transitioning from a little girl in pigtails and playing with baby dolls into an independent eight year-old who suddenly has her own ideas and opinions.  Unfortunately, some of her ideas are coming straight from the mouth of her second grade classmates.  Even worse, their older siblings on the bus.  We are still in the phase of her sharing those thoughts with us, and watching my reaction very carefully.  You better believe I’m going to
jump on this chance to communicate openly with her and guide her from our
family’s values and belief system.  There are times when the conversations are brushed off, but I have found that the window of time before bed seems to be the best time for us to connect and share with each other.

Mindy’s precious daughter!

Someone recently mentioned a book to me and I can’t wait to share it with
you.  It is a faith-based, 90 day devotional which covers every day situations that our big girls will experience and perhaps not know how to deal with.  Each lesson, or devotion, is 1-2 pages and covers topics like being confident in who you are, making smart choices no matter what others are doing, and knowing that no one’s opinion counts more than the opinion of God.  This book has given us the opportunity to touch on some sensitive subjects and help guide her through them.  She really looks forward to our reading time at night and I love that she is opening up and sharing
her feelings and what she would do if faced with these dilemmas.  Each devotion leaves us with a prayer pointer and that is a great way to close on the topics before heading to bed.  I can honestly say that she is putting a lot of thought into the situations presented and that is more than we had before reading this book.  All we want as parents is for our girls to be comfortable in their own skin and for them to see just how beautiful and strong they really are.  I would highly recommend this book to any parent of an elementary-aged daughter.

Brave Girls.jpgHere is a link to the book on Amazon:



Feel free to check this book out and add it to your nightly routine with your daughter! See what this small time investment will do for your relationship with your child, as well as, your child’s confidence, character, and courage when they are not with you. The quality time will surely pay off and the values taught will last a lifetime.

Do you want more tips on how to connect meaningfully with your family? Please comment below with your questions or email OR contact Mindy for more information on this devotional and ways to connect with your daughter!


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