Workout Wednesday – Be Your Own Valentine; featuring Kim Reed!

This month is going to be SO fun because you are all going to be hearing from some amazing guest bloggers! I will still be keeping with my typical themes, but instead of me writing, you will hear from many others how to “Be Your Own Valentine” this month.

Taking care of yourself is so important… physical fitness is a huge part of your wellness. I am excited to have a fellow Team INSPIRE member as my first guest blogger! Kim Reed is the author of the blog Always a New Day. I love her open and honest heart! She is a momma to two precious littles and a loving wife. She works hard to serve her God, family, and her followers. She is truly a blessing to many and making an impact. I hope you all enjoy her story of how working out has been a game changer for her post-partum.

Here’s Kim!


Family 2014 012small.jpg

My close friends and family know I am quite the worry wart. In fact, my sister use to joke that I was scared to call and order pizza. As silly as that sounds, it’s true. My biggest worry when I was little was losing my parents – I would lie in bed at night and almost plead with God to always keep them safe. Fast forward many years later, and my worst fear happened. My dad passed away during a fishing trip in 2002. Boom. The worry heightened for all things in my life – I needed to be alert at all times to make sure I wasn’t caught off guard again. Thus, my anxious life really began.

I can give snapshots of my life since 2002 – new job, going back to school, baby #1, skin cancer diagnosis, another new job, fertility issues, job stress, baby #2, quit job. With each change came a new fear, more anxiety. I couldn’t relax; I saw each change with fear – I was scared. Things were taking its toll on me because I was just waiting for another tragedy to occur. Even with baby #2 and the long wait to have her, I lived in fear that it was all too good to be true. And the crazy thing is, I had a mental health background – my masters is in counseling. Why couldn’t I self-talk myself out of this fear? Why couldn’t I give myself the same pep talks I gave my students?

After my family was complete, and I was able to stay at home (my dream job), I just snapped one day and realized enough was enough. I needed to stop living in complete fear and honor my dad. He was an adventurous one – one who believed life should be lived, and I was not living mine. Slowly, I changed my routine. My doctor suggested exercise to help with my anxiety. I committed to 10 minutes a day, then 20, then 30. I took up running. I was determined to get myself up to 6 days a week of some form of movement. After a few months, I was hooked.

I felt alive. Trust me, the initial working out part was not fun at first, but the adrenaline I felt after (not to mention the pride for actually doing it) changed me. Sure, I feel sad still some days, and I miss my dad like crazy, but I feel awesome knowing I am honoring him and taking care of myself at the same time.

And now, I am changing jobs again. I am currently studying to be a personal trainer. I can’t believe that this scared girl who couldn’t order pizza is hoping to motivate other moms to get physical and commit. My passion will be to take our anxiety and toss it out the window with all the things you thought your body could not do after babies. Instead of feeling scared, I am going to use my self-talk now to motivate others – to see them just as I finally see myself. Strong, broken at times, but beautiful and capable of ANYTHING.

Thank you for reading my story. You can find more of my journey here –

Blog –

Facebook – Always A New Day Blog

Instagram – @alwaysanewday

Twitter – @_alwaysanewday


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