Be Your Own Valentine Series

I know that I go against the grain when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

The hubby and I don’t choose to celebrate. We prefer to be intentional throughout the year and choose days that are truly meaningful to us to celebrate our love and commitment to each other. (No judgement if you love V-day though!)

So because I already go against the grain… I figured WHY NOT do the same thing for Jillian Redefining Wellness. I could of course do a series that involves true love… delicious homemade date recipes… couples’ fitness… healthy relationships…

All these are surely important, but we are focusing on something else this season. Something that EVERYONE can connect to… whether you are single, dating, engaged, married, divorced, separated, jaded, enamored, etc.

Self love.

Now… I am NOT talking about self infatuation… self obsession… self glorification… self supremacy… self absorption… or being self centered…

If the golden rule is to love others as you would love yourself… we ARE supposed to have love for ourselves. We are suppose to make sure we are good managers of our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. THAT is what we are going to focus on for my Be Your Own Valentine Series.


I will be featuring multiple bloggers this month who are being open and honest about their life stories and how they have learned to take care of themselves in multiple life facets. Many of the bloggers are on Team INSPIRE with me and others I have met through Instagram. They have GREAT content to share with you. I will be popping in with my 2 cents as well throughout the month. You will NOT want to miss a post!



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