Tasty Tuesday: Key #10 “Hunger” for Good

To those of you looking for a recipe… I am afraid you will be unsatisfied.

Today I am talking about hunger. And I don’t mean the kind of hunger that manifests as a rumbling in your tummy. I’m talking about the drive… desire… yearning… fixating… relentless pursuit… kind of hunger.

Hunger is such an interesting phenomenon. There is always a natural hunger… but there are Image result for craving cartoonalso hungers we cultivate. Our bodies were designed to get hungry to let us know that we need to provide our bodies with the nutrients necessary for life. But, when we indulge in certain foods, we end up craving them when our body is not actually in need of them. For example, sugar, carbs, and fat have all been shown to be extremely addictive. Americans eat a LARGE excess of sugars. We don’t NEED that sugar, but we HUNGER for it. We cultivated a hunger that feels real, but leads us down a bad path.

And just like unhealthy, physical/food-related hungers can be cultivated… the same is true for our inner desires… our inner hunger… in other areas of life.

Hungers can grow more intense and more difficult to ignore, and before you know it, you are in a place you never thought you would be… Sound familiar??

The good new is, however, if our “hunger” can be cultivated… we can cultivate it in a direction that brings fullness of life and joy; instead of ruin and disappointment. This cultivated hunger for good is what I believe is an essential “Key to Life.”

“Good” is unfortunately difficult to define these days due to our grossly relativistic culture. However, I am confident that we are imprinted with knowing what is good… but bent toward doing what we want or what feels good. There is a BIG difference between the two.

Doing good involves not placing yourself as the most important factor. Doing good involves considering what is truly best for others (even if that means for some time things look more difficult). Doing good involves self-sacrifice. Doing good involves delaying gratification for something more rewarding later on. Doing good involves hard work and diligence. Doing good involves going out of your way and your comfort zone. Doing good involves thinking with an eternal perspective. Doing good involves you utilizing your gifts and talents to make a difference in others’ lives.

What if we not only pursued these things every once in a while? Sure, when you volunteer, give back, or do a good deed you get that fuzzy feeling… people say… “I thought I was helping them, but the helped me.” And honestly… if you are doing “good” to feel good… then you have negated the act entirely. If your reason to do good is to feel good, you will never cultivate that hunger that truly will transform your life.

So how cultivate it? Start living it. Prioritize it. Educate yourself about the desperate needs all around you. Allow your heart to be aware of the hurt that is out there and how blessed and rich you truly are. Start practicing gratitude. Get to know people… people who are not like you… people who don’t live around you. Give. Because where you invest your money and  your time, your heart WILL follow. And the longer your heart dwells in the midst of good acts, the more you will cultivate that hunger.

What good do you hunger for? Comment below and encourage all of our hearts!


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