Workout Wednesday: Key #8 – Balance Work and Rest

I feel as though my Workout Wednesday posts communicate to five audiences…

(1) Those obsessed with working out
(2) Those who are disciplined to working out
(3) Those who occasionally work out
(4) Those who are interested to work out, but don’t
(5) Those who don’t work out and don’t care

I am not sure where you are on this spectrum… but PLEASE take the rest of what I am going to say with your selection in mind.

AND… I am going to challenge you to REALLY be honest with yourself about where you are. We so often can either under or over estimate our actual self (depending on your tendencies). So do you think you are disciplined, but truly obsessed? Or do you think you are occasional, but truly just interested? If you are unsure, perhaps you need to ask someone that you trust to give you some insight!

This “Key to Life” is all about BALANCE.
Resting is just as important as working out. Our bodies need to recover. Trying to get ahead or squeeze in extra, or fill your craving to workout will likely be your down fall… long-term. (I feel like the words “long-term” come up A LOT in my posts… hmmmm… interesting…)

Our bodies are surely meant to do work and to expend energy, however, they are not invincible. I do not care how tough  you are, how good your genetics are, how much you “need” to workout everyday, or how refreshed you feel… A rest day is an essential part of your workout routine. You are not hardcore if you never rest. There is nothing praiseworthy about never stopping. You may be killin’ it at the gym and completely failing at other areas of life.

That being said… a rest is a PART of a workout routine. This implies (be ready for a Captain Obvious moment)… you HAVE a workout routine. A workout routine is not workout one day a week and rest the other six.

And so, this is where balance comes in! But please remember; everyone is at a different level. For me, 4 days a week of taking a 30 minute walk and doing 20 sit ups, push ups, and jumping jacks would not be an ideal plan for me… but it might be for you if you are starting out getting a workout routine! Pushing ourselves to a new level and challenging our body is good and helps us to maintain optimal physical condition… not to mention it feels GOOD!

But when we push, push, push, push, and don’t allow our bodies to rest or recuperate, we are not doing well by our bodies. And if we push off, push of, push off, push off our physical fitness, we are surely not doing well by our bodies either. This also pours over into our ability to properly manage stress, emotions, and responsibilities.


There is a happy medium where we are not obsessed with fitness and not too lax about it. We must learn how to prioritize without idolizing it. This is a hard line to walk and the line is a bit different for every person. Physical training is surely of some value, but being a person of good character surely is of higher importance. And honestly, when you prioritize (godly) character… that balanced perspective will come more naturally. Not to mention… our value cannot be placed in our appearance. Outwardly we are wasting away daily. And because we are wasting away daily, we need to take good care of ourselves as well to make the most of the time we have here on earth!

For me, this means 1 or 2 rest days a week (depending on my ministry to my family and others) and taking 1 week off a year to ensure working out is not an idol in my life.

What does this balance mean for you? Which number on the spectrum to you fall on? Which would you like to be at? Comment below!


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