Tasty Tuesday: Key #5 – Eat REAL Food

I am going to start this post off in a way that is very uncommon for me. I am not usually one to quote celebrities… seriously… just because they are well known we treat them like an expert?!?!

But… I so agree and resonate with this quote and I know this woman, Cameron Diaz, put a lot of research into writing her book (The Body Book).

“Just because you can put something in your mouth, chew it, swallow it, and then poop it out doesn’t mean it’s food. It just means you can chew it, swallow it, and poop it out.”

This so wonderfully captures a simple truth.

Do we realize how far we have come from eating real food? How can we get upset with our bodies for not functioning properly, not looking the way we want it to, or changing in the way with think it should.

So much of what we eat today is filled with items that are manufactured. When God created our bodies, He created them to consume the food He provided for us… not ferrous sulfate, monosodium glutamate, thiamin mononitrate, niacinamide, or datem (for example… ingredient from Cheetos and Nutrigrain Bars).

I have recently come to realize… why am I eating something that tells me it is artificial?? Would I use artificial gasoline in my car? Fuel needs to be genuine for something to function properly.

Why are we so desensitized to this? Of course, if we have grown up with eating it, we would likely never question it. Beyond that, there are seemingly no immediate consequences for eating these fabricated “foods.”Our bodies have to work so hard to figure out what to do with these foreign substances, that it cannot perform it’s other functions… like burning fat!

The truth of the matter is… if you are fueling  your body with things that is not an actual fuel source, performance will suffer. If performance suffers, then your life is not able to be rich or full as it could be. What are you losing out on? Energy? Sleep? Fat loss? Stable mood? Regularity? What are you subjecting yourself to? Bloating? Blood toxicity? Cancer? Depression? Anxiety? Fatigue?

Our food largely impacts our physical body and our mind because it is the basis for their energy and nutrient source. Eating is not just about pleasure… it is about fueling ourselves well to be able to perform/LIVE well. Not sure how to get your nutrients? Click here to find what I use to make sure I am getting everything my body needs!

I leave you with this simple idea…

Eat less CRAP, eat more FOOD.

Eat less CRAP:

  • C – Carbonated Drinks
  • R – Refined Sugar
  • A – Artificial Sweeteners and Artificial Colors
  • P – Processed Foods

Eat more FOOD:

  • F – Fruits and Vegetables
  • O – Organic Lean Proteins
  • O – Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • D – Drink Water

Comment below about what you can give up and what you can eat more of! Or share your personal testimony about how your food choices impacted you OR if you want some help to get on the right track!!

You can also contact me @ JillianRedefiningWellness@gmail.com


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