Theme Thursday: Getting Back to “Normal”

Goodness. I have felt off of my routine for about 2 weeks now. I am NOT complaining though… it has all been such a blessing!

I hope that I have not lost your interest and that my readers and followers are still sticking with me! I ensure you that I am still serious about advancing Jillian Redefining Wellness to continue to impact people’s lives for their betterment and fullness of life. I genuinely desire for people to become the best version of themselves and cherish the opportunities people give me to be a part of that journey.


I titled this “Getting Back to ‘Normal'”… but the funny thing is, I am not sure that I will ever be back to what I knew as “Normal” before my vacation. But, that is because I am hoping for a new normal, an improved normal. My husband and I believe that 2016 is a year that will be a BIG shift in our “Normal.” We were allowed five years of building a strong foundation and now all those “next steps” are, God-willing, on the horizon. God has put desires on our hearts and passions and talents within us that we believe are beginning to be put into use.

So, when it comes to “Normal,” I do not think that we ever truly achieve that for an extended period of time. There are ways in which our lives typically function, but there is constantly change and bumps along the road that we need to adapt to. This could be as simple as your favorite coffee flavor being discontinued, a child no longer napping, road construction, starting a fitness routine, tragedies or losses, to major life milestones happening (moving, children, or getting out of debt).

Normal routines certainly have their value. They maximize our time, help us stay focused and organized, allow others to know how and when to best interact with us, and give us peace of mind. However, when our “Normal” becomes a necessity to the point where we cannot function or there is great distress in breaking the “Norm,” then we are in fact crippling ourselves and setting ourselves up for failure. No one is immune to life’s changes and challenges. We need to allow for flexibility and newness in our “Normal.”

“Normal” is surely not being on vacation… so I will get back to having a work schedule and pursuing JRW more… which is more “Normal,” but it will surely be a bit different this time around! I am ready to put in hard work to help others find wellness in their mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual faith because my true and genuine desire is to have people become all they are intended to become. And when that happens, others also reap benefits. Individuals change and relationships change. Relationships change and families change. Families change and communities change. Communities change and cities change. Cities change and states change. States change and countries change. Countries change and the world changes. Every effort to help others may change my “Normal,” but every effort is so worth it because of the individual impact and the potential trickling effects.

How will you change your “Normal” for the betterment of yourself and/or others this year? Can I assist you?! Comment below with your changes and challenges ahead!


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