Theme Thursday: Celebrating… See You Soon!

Part of your health and well-being includes:

  • Taking breaks from reality
  • Celebrating meaningful milestones
  • Experiencing new things
  • Broadening your horizons
  • Spending quality time with loved ones
  • Unplugging from society
  • Being outdoors

And all of these things just happen to be in alignment with the cruise that my husband and I will be taking soon and very soon to celebrate five years of marriage! I apologize that this means I will not be responsive on my social media outlets during our celebrating, but it is 100% worth the time away to invest in my primary earthly relationship… my marriage. No worries… I will not take time to get all mushy on you… some thoughts are meant to be kept between spouses to preserve intimacy.

Here is to hoping you will also take time to enrich your life during this unique time of year. May you seek God, love your family, and restore your soul. Which of the things listed above will you be pursuing. I would love to read about your experiences upon my return! Please feel free to comment!


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