Theme Thursday: Downward Winter Wellness Spiral

It is amazing how much we can allow the weather control our behavior.

Some things are inevitable, like wearing coats, scraping car windows, shoveling, leaving earlier for work, and shivering!

But there are other things we tend toward that are volutary… Complaining, eat fatty foods, snuggling up more, staying indoors, less time being active, sulking, baking sweets, napping, and drinking more sugary hot beverages…

I am not saying these are all evil (though some are obviously not good choices), but they can quickly lead us on a downward spiral.

Getting darker earlier can be depressing or cause tiredness… Humans crave sun light! Feeling more depressed and tired easily trips us up to not pursue things that take a bit of extra effort… Healthy choices straight up take more effort. The cold makes us slow down and not desire to get out. This decreases our activity level and decreases in activeness can cause declines in mood and perhaps weight gain… Which tends to cause more decline in our mood! Declines in mood make it more difficult to find motivation and so we fond ourself in this self-perpetuating funk.

Scary thing is, you can get there before you know it! A late work night + snowy night + holiday party + windy freezing day + favorite show on + Friday + eh I’ll start next week… Need I go on?

So what can you do? Awareness is your first step. Know that this is a real struggle and temptation. Then, observe your own behavior and evaluate your tendencies. Where are you likely to slip up? What triggers you to slothfulness, lose motivation, or throw your healthy practices out the window. Once identified, come up with a plan to not let them take you down.

Need help brainstorming? Let me know in the comment box! I would love to help you strategize.


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