NOTEWORTHY NOVEMBER – Mental Health Monday: “I don’t need medication”

After writing about instant gratification, it might seem odd for me to discuss the idea that people would NOT want a “quick fix” to their problems. While America is the largest consumer of prescription drugs, there is also a subset of people who refuse to even consider utilizing psychotropic/mental health medications. We will address the “quick fix” people at a later date… today is for those who won’t consider medication at all.

There many be a number of reasons behind the excuse “I don’t need medication.” All of the excuses are likely either some sort of moral or core value belief OR lack of accurate information. If I have missed your reason, please, let me know so I can increase my awareness.

I am no here to dispute whether or not your excuses are legit or not. I am here to suggest that medication sometimes is absolutely an appropriate treatment for mental health issues. That being said, medication is not a miracle worker. It is not meant to be the sole treatment utilized. And it is not the first treatment to be pursued. But, medication is also not something that is inherently evil or “below” you.

Psychotropic medications have allowed many people that boost they need to be able to have more self control and to tackle life’s challenges. This is not because they are not strong enough or because they don’t have enough faith, but rather that there is a legitimate chemical imbalance (something you do not have control of … seriously … when is the last time you personally regulated your serotonin levels and uptake?).

When we have imbalances or irregularities in other part of our bodies, we have no problem medicating them… bacteria on our face (acne), blood pressure, stomach acid, eye pressure, intestinal bacteria (probiotics), cholesterol, blood sugar, etc. If you are willing to treat these conditions with medication, you seriously need to reconsider your opposition to treat mental health concerns.

Psychotropic drugs are a game changer for some people. If you have tried to improve on your own… utilize counseling or therapy services… pursue faith diligently… get your nutrition in line… exercise and take care of your body… and you STILL greatly struggle, medication just may be the treatment that will give you the means to restore balance and give you a new fullness of life.

What do YOU think about medication? Comment below!


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