NOTEWORTHY NOVEMBER – Tasty Tuesday: Convenient Meals

Since is this the first of my NOTEWORTHY NOVEMBER posts, I will take the time to describe it to you!

Jillian Redefining Wellness is making November Noteworthy because we are going to be tackling excuses. We ALL make countless excuses everyday for our life outcomes, our choices, our behaviors, etcetera. When we give into our excuses (as “valid” or “truthful” as they may be), we forfeit a fullness of life. We are going to be addressing common excuses and how to overcome them through taking personal responsibility and choosing to do something about the things that can set us back.

First topic for my blog?


My mind is seriously blown when I consider the 100s… 1000s… of restaurants that are open and doing good business. The implications are that SO MANY people are eating out multiple times a week. Coming from a household that goes out to eat once a month for a nice date and one other time a month for a treat… it is hard for me to grasp.

So… what is the main excuses people eat out? “I just need something convenient” aka “I don’t have enough time to make food” aka “I’m too hungry by the time I get home to cook” aka “This saves me so much time” aka “I’m no good at cooking”…

So, I am here to share with you that convenient meals can be made at home on a consistent basis. And think about the amount of time it takes for you to go to the restaurant, order, have something delivered, etc. You may spend just as much time preparing food as you would be getting food out! When you give into the excuse you rob yourself from better nutrition, saving money, pride for cooking, and an opportunity to make something for your loved ones.

Here are some ideas for quick week day meals!

Chicken “Facil”
An AMAZING slow cooker recipe that is super quick to prep

Chicken and Broccoli Slaw Wraps
Get wraps of your choice and any sauce of your choice. We prefer Asian stirfry sauces, but you could use buffalo, bbq, ranch, etc. Stirfry some chicken breast pieces, add sauce. Assemble wraps with the cooked chicken and fresh broccoli slaw.

Paninis and Salad
Get your favorite bread, lunch meat and cheese that is on sale at your deli. We use our George Foreman grill to make our paninis! Assemble the sandwich and press. While the sandwiches are cooking, prep your salad!

Cobb Salads
It may seem odd to have a salad for dinner, but this is SO hardy! Cook up some bacon (preferably turkey or center cut). Get a rotisserie chicken and pull of meat. Add avocado, tomatoes, and blue cheese (or cheese you prefer). You can use whatever dressing you like. We also like to add hard boiled eggs… which you can make in 30 minutes in the oven (bake at 350 degrees using a muffin tin with one egg per cup; prep on Sunday!).

Cook up one pound of ground meat of choice with some onion and garlic. Add 2 cans of beans, can of diced tomatoes (I like to blend whole tomatoes; two cans if you like it more saucey), can of corn, 1 c stock of choice, 2 bell peppers diced. Bring to a boil for a few minutes.

Here are five simple recipes that should take less than a half an hour. The time you would spend getting a meal of convenience is TOO close to accept any of the excuses we make about time. Not to mention… if you wait an extra hour past when you would normally eat… you won’t waste away! It will actually help you to build up some self control… and THAT is something I think we ALL want a little more of when it comes to food!

What are your convenient go-to recipes? What do you think of the ones I shared? Comment below!


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