Workout Wednesday: Pushing Through Frustration

I don’t know about you… but I get FRUSTRATED when I’m working out.

I have some perfectionistic tendencies and if I cannot do a move properly, finish a set, or need to modify, I get pouty. Yes, therapists have irrational thoughts and moods too.

Recently, I have been challenging myself to pursue strength training. And there have been too many times that I was angry with myself for not performing well or not being strong enough. But you know what? I KEEP PUSHING.

So often when things are frustrating, we think that we need to find a way to avoid the frustration because it is a “bad” feeling. Why would we intentionally choose to do something when we know that we are just going to get frustrated? Why am I continuing to do workouts where I know that I will not perform at the level I desire to perform at?

I do it because one day, the workout does not end in frustration, but in VICTORY.

And not just a check-mark-in-the-box-yay-I-did-it victory… but sweet-I’m-an-overcomer VICTORY!

If you are starting a new workout program, you are going to get frustrated. And maybe even within the first five minutes. Pushing through that is crucial to making the physical health goals you are working for. But the best part is that you do not only reap positive physical dividends, you reap emotional ones as well! Your confidence is boosted, your motivation is increased, your resolve is strengthened.

When you give into frustration you are leaving a fullness of life on the table. Your strength and growth is on the other side of that frustration. Becoming an enhanced version of yourself is rewarding. You are fully taking care of the body, mind, and soul that you were gifted. I am amazed at how much victory in working out SO EASILY translated to everyday life situations. Life is filled with circumstances that are frustrating and simply unavoidable. When we push through our real life frustration, with the intent of becoming better and achieving victory (**this mentality is key**), we come out the other side stronger and refined!

Have you been putting off working out because it is frustrating? Today is the day to choose to push through your frustration, because avoiding it is simply not worth all the victories you are missing out on!


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