Mental Health Monday: How do People Change?

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Have you met someone that is just always in a funk?

Nothing is ever good… there is no hope… feels like a failure or mistake… always negative… can’t enjoy anything… wish they never existed… unable to turn things around… a total victim of this cruel life…

OR… are you this person?

My guess is that if you are that person, you have probably been told to…

“get over it” … “snap out of it” …”why don’t you just stop thinking that way” … “it’s all in your head” … “you want to be this way” … “you’re just being over dramatic”

OR… perhaps you have said these things to someone.

I am not writing this to point fingers or slap wrists. I am writing to bring to light a common issue that is seen all throughout society today. It is ALL OVER the internet. You could be watching a YouTube video and the comments are filled with self-deprecating statements and harsh replies to those very statements.

So how do these people in such a depressed, self-loathing state of mind CHANGE?

I will say that the aforementioned statements surely are not helping address the problem. If they did… people would be a lot happier!

So what can YOU do?
If you are depressed… how can you get out of your “funk”?If you are reaching out… how can you encourage and lift up that depressed person?

The fact is… no one will change unless they want to change, have the resources and environment to change, and find a worldview that they believe will hold up under any circumstance.

You cannot force the desire to change on someone. I guarantee you… people do not want to be depressed. There is no switch to turn off. They cannot simply stop chronic patterns of thinking over night. They cannot magically change their brain chemistry. They are not seeking attention. And YES depression is in their head… it’s a chemical imbalance (just like strep is in the throat).

If you are depressed… no one is going to have the magic words for you to turn your life around. You cannot depend on other people to save you every night. Humans are faulty and let each other down. You must resolve to find a way that you can be victorious without complete dependence on others. This is SO difficult… but doable!

Resources and environment… Professional clinical help is necessary to truly tackle mental health issues. Therapy and counseling will lead to building your coping skills “toolbox” that will help you to be successful between sessions. A supportive, empathetic, and non-enabling environment is also crucial! Accountability between sessions cannot rest on a mental health professional, but the support group of the person struggling.

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Finally… a solid worldview. What do you believe is the purpose of life? Why are you here? What is your individual purpose? These questions need to be answered. If the purpose of life is to beautiful, rich, and seek pleasure at all times… then most of us are failing. What is a worldview that is solid and cannot be shaken by life’s circumstances? These foundational beliefs are essential in examining our self worth and give us something to strive toward. (Read my Sacred Sunday posts for my foundational beliefs!)

I would love your feedback! Do you struggle with depression or do you struggle with supporting someone who is depressed? Do you resonate with this post? Please comment and continue the discussion.


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