Theme Thursday: Focus

We live in a world of over-diagnosed ADHD.

Focusing on the task at hand… especially if you are completely uninterested… is surely difficult. Everything is so fast paced and geared toward immediate gratification. The idea of waiting for something or having to endure and be patient are less viewed as virtuous and more viewed as obnoxious.

However, focus is something that we cannot neglect to master.

I was deemed “The Wild Child” growing up. Most people I tell that to are completely shocked by this and think of me as being extremely focused and calm. I know with 100% certainty, my ability to focus and be productive is largely centered around the fact that I pursue exercise. Consistent body exertion is a crucial piece of my “recipe” for maintaining my focus.

This was something that sprang forth into my mind last night as I finished my 21 Day Fix Extreme workout and REALLY wanted to run. I had done an arm workout and my legs were antsy! But, because I banged up my knee, running was not an option. I decided that I should at least get out and walk, otherwise, my focus would be SHOT for work the next day and I likely would not sleep well.

We need to exert our bodies! Our bodies were made to work! Not to sit at a computer, watch TV, or lounge all day. We were meant to move.

That got me thinking… what else helps me to stay focused??

I am sure there are many things that could be listed, but I decided that proper nutrition and a clear conscience were the best way to include the many things I was considering.

Not only were our bodies made to move, but they have specific nutrients (macro and micro) that are meant to fuel them. When we give ourselves calories instead of nutrients, we are not fueling every part of our body. And the fine tuned systems of our mind and body need the micro-nutrients that are not found in the convenience and comfort foods we often eat by default.

Finally, a pure conscience. Okay… time to be honest. I could have said clear conscience… but everything else started with a “p”! Physical Exertion… Proper Nutrition… Pure Conscience… get it?! (And, no, this is not OCD!)

If there is something that is troubling your soul/heart, you will not be able to properly focus. If there is something you feel guilty about, are harboring anger for, or deeply saddened by… you will not be able to stay focused on what is at hand. Resolving our deeply resonating emotional issues is necessary to give your full attention to the here and now. You may not be actively thinking on whatever is bothering you, but the stress that you carry from it will surely take away from your mental energy stores and take away from your ability to truly focus. When you feel like you should be doing something… the thing you are presently doing will have a hard time getting done!

Okay. There you have it. So, in short…

Get out there and move!

Eat what truly fuels you!

Resolve conflicts with your conscience!

Of course I could have added many other ideas (like not watching vines… LOL). But these stood out the most. I would LOVE to hear YOUR ideas. So comment away!


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