Family Friday: Date Nights and Pizza Review

I think that everyone has heard the advice…

“Never stop dating your spouse…”
“Date night is important…”
“Make sure to pursue romance intentionally…”

We all know it. But we have to make it a priority. And not just the same-old-same-old dinner and a movie date. Changing things up and making them unpredictable is part of the fun! Figure out what both of you enjoy or are good and figure out unique ways to do them together.

For example… my hubby and I are both good at analyzing and we love to critique things. So, I planned for us to do a Pizza Comparison Date Night! There were two new pizza places that started up near us and since we started eating gluten free this year, we basically never eat pizza. Thankfully both of these places had more reasonable prices for GF crust (HARD TO FIND!).

Soooooo… on top of encouraging you all to keep your dating life as a priority with your spouse, here is my review of MOD Pizza and Pie Five! For the record, we ordered a gluten free pizza with red sauce, pepperoni, and banana peppers from each restaurant.

Who will win in the battle of…

wpid-20151009_205649-1.jpg        VS.     wpid-20151009_205640-1.jpg


MOD Pizza

14″ crust

This is definitely the more family friendly of the two. I LOVE that they incentivize eating veggies for kids by offering them a cool band/bracelet for trying a veggie. BRILLIANT. There are also pictures of people all over the walls of all ages. It has somewhat of a Chipotle vibe to me. They use a wood fire oven, which is fun to watch and gives the pizza a unique flavor. The only gluten free size pizza is a 14″. So, this is not a place to go unless you are sharing. They have plenty of toppings and everything looked decently fresh. They asked if we were eating gluten free because of an allergy or a preference. The pizza was delivered quickly.

As for taste, the crust had a quinoa flavor to it and was burnt around the very edge. I don’t think that the form of cooking style of the wood fire oven is suited for the gluten free crust (I’m sure the regular crust turns out differently). Also, the crust was a bit mushy on the top from the sauce. The sauce was mild in flavor. The crust was very thin and crunchy. The overall flavors were okay but were somewhat muted.

The price of the pizza was REALLY reasonable especially with it being gluten free AND being able to get as many toppings as you want.

Pie Five

10″ Crust

This restaurant had more of a wood-themed decor, but still very modern. They utilize a conveyor belt oven for their pizzas; as many pizza chains do. Also, the white sauce is not gluten free. The gluten free pizza was only available in a 10 inch, so suitable for a personal pizza only. It came out of a sealed package. The pizzas we received were well assembled, but the person after us had a two inch long section of bare crust all the way around it (could have just been that particular employee). All ingredients looked fresh and you could see employees making the pizza dough.

As for taste, the crust was quite clean in flavor and was well cooked. It was thin and crispy, but held up to the ingredients without compromising texture. The sauce was tart and had a good level of acidity that you look for in a pizza sauce. The pepperonis were large and very fresh. They asked if you wanted any seasoning after your pizza came out of the oven. The over all flavor was excellent.

The price of the pizza seemed high for a 10″.


The one on the left is Pie Five and the one on the right is MOD.

Sooooo… if you cannot tell which of the two we preferred… I will say that we definitely preferred Pie Five for gluten free pizza. This was a COMPLETE shock to us! We really thought, from the looks of the pizzas, the cooking style, and the restaurant atmosphere/professionalism that MOD would be better; but alas… not the case! This works out nicely for us though, because if my hubby and I want different toppings or want to try another type of pizza, we can do it and share the two 10 inch pizzas. Also, the sauce and pepperoni were far superior at Pie Five than at MOD.

Price wise, MOD is definitely the way to go though. It would only be slightly more to get two 14″ pizzas at MOD than it would to get two 10″ at Pie Five. This is a BIG factor for us!!

So where would we return?? It is hard to say. If it were based on taste, Pie Five, hands down. But money and quantity talk… so it’s hard to say! I will be letting the hubby make the call next time!

I would love your feedback and comments about these places or any other great gluten free pizza you love (or hate!). Comment below!


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