Workout Wednesday: The Power of Planning Ahead

Working out is something that many people have all the best intentions of doing, but something seems to always come up.

I ended up staying at work longer.
I didn’t have enough time between my last meal and the time I could work out.
It ended up being bad weather.
I ate junk at the birthday party at work.
My workout clothes were not clean.
My kid had a melt down.

If you think about it… many of these things that “pop up” are not so much of a surprise and we make them out to be. I get that there are legitimate emergencies that rise up, but many of the things keeping us from valuing and addressing our physical fitness needs are things that we can plan against.

I find that planning out your entire week on one of your rest days is the key to getting in your workouts for the week. It is so easy to get behind when we plan on a day to day basis. We need to think more ahead than 24 hours!

Here are some things that I consider when I plan my workouts for the week…

  • What is the weather going to be like this week?
    • How many days do I need to pack clothes for the gym?
    • What clothes do I need to make sure are clean?
    • What days are best for a longer run?
  • What days will I have to stay later at work or tend to be longer days?
    • Which days will longer workouts fit?
    • Which days will shorter workouts suffice?
    • What days will I need to take off?
  • What are my plans for dinner and how long will they take?
    • Which days should I have a quick prep dinner to accommodate working out?
    • Which days could my spouse help with dinner?
    • Do I have leftovers I could use for days I will be running later?
  • What events are coming up this week that could tempt me from not working out?
    • How can I avoid or prepare for the temptations?
    • Are the pitfalls really worth it?
    • How can I participate, but not allow it to knock me off course with my fitness?
  • When do I need to eat my lunch by to make sure I’m not feeling sick when I workout?
  • Which days will I need more accountability to my workout?

I then write out a plan for my week and stick to it!

How do you keep yourself accountable?
Which of these questions would be important to ask yourself?

Comment below!


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