Theme Thursday : Noise and Depression

Our culture is completely saturated with noise.

I’m not talking about city culture… I am including all of modern society.

So many people avoid silence every chance they get. Do any of these describe you:


    Listening to the radio in the car

  • Playing music when you shower
  • Having the TV on for background noise
  • Netflix marathons
  • Checking your phone or tablet
  • Background music
  • Music while working out
  • Music while doing homework or housework

I could list many more. For many people out there, actual true, total silence is a completely foreign phenomenon. Why do we fear silence?

When we are silent, we self-examine, we think through our day… life decisions… up coming events… etc.

There are many of us who have so many self-deprecating thoughts, low self-image, regret, fear, trauma, disingenuous behavior, or thoughts we want to avoid. The music, tv, radio, movies, podcasts NOISE keeps us from processing through those very things.

When we keep ourselves from processing through the very things that we try to keep down, they bubble up QUICKLY when we have a moment of silence. So many people choose to keep pushing it down… down.. down… down… and thus… depression can hit.

Avoidance is surely a coping skill. But is a coping skill that should be used on a rare and very specific occasion. Long term avoidance can cause a great deal of angst and increase feelings of worthlessness and despair.

We do not have control of what happened or what MIGHT happen. We can work to keep ourselves calm, which will have a calming affect on those around us!

We must choose silence to work through these things so that we can be okay with ourselves. We do not need to love every decision we make or experience we have, but we do need the time to think through our decisions and experiences to find peace with them. When we do not work through these things, there is no self forgiveness. I learned a long time ago that if I can’t forgive myself, I can’t forgive others.

Do you see the twisted downward spiral that can occur? And how it can affect others in your life

There are so many downward spirals that can be started from a lack of self-awareness which only comes in moments of silence. And for those of you who pray, this is your time to connect with and hear from God.

How can you fit silence into your daily routine? In the shower… car… running… walking… before bed… first thing in the morning? I would love to hear your plan of attack below!


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