Workout Wednesday – Investing in Your Fitness

Let’s imagine together…

I am running two separate fitness groups.

They have the same exercises, content, and supports provided.

The groups have very similar people in them; in terms of level of motivation to get fit.

The only difference is…

Group #1 pays $200 for their personal training.

Group #2 pays nothing.

Who do YOU think would get better results??

This is a NO brainer! The people who pay the money will feel more invested and be more accountable to get their money’s worth for the services they receive.

Now… who do YOU think will be more satisfied?

It may be nice to get things for free… but results hold A LOT of weight and the feeling of knowing you made a good investment is so gratifying.

I understand that money is tight. I understand that there are free resources out there.
I have personally lived this in my fitness life. But, I have found that when I have actually invested my financial resources, all of a sudden those things I always said I SHOULD do… they started happening! And now I am more fit and strong because of it.
If you are SERIOUS about your fitness, working out, losing weight, pursuing nutrition, and making healthy choices… financial investment is going to be necessary for significant results. You do not have to go to a gym and hire a trainer for $50 to $150 an hour for ONE session a week.

You have to put your money where your mouth is!
You have to put your money where your mouth is!

I have an opportunity for you that would cost the same as one personal training session, but you would get DAILY support and coaching for 3 weeks. Workouts that will be at your fingertips that you can use over and over too! Not to mention, nutrition guidance and product is included. If you stick to the workout, follow your nutrition guidance, and respond to my coaching… you WILL get results. And if not… $$$ returns to you. Training starts October 19th!

Are you ready to get serious? Are you ready to make an investment that will yield returns? Email me at now, fill out the comment box below, or find me and message me on Facebook (Jillian Newkirk) AND Instagram @JillianRedefiningWellness.


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