Theme Thursday – Who I Hope to Help

I have been conducting a “SEPTEMBER SERIES” on my Instagram account (@JillianRedefiningWellness). It has been for the purpose of communicating my vision and mission for my business venture.

Week 2 of my series featured who I am hoping to serve. I thought it would be extremely important to communicate some of those sentiments on this blog as well.

As time goes on, I will provide more and more services and these are the people I hope to reach…

People who…

1) Are seeking balance in their life
2) Have mental health diagnoses or needs
3) Want fitness motivation, guidance, and/or accountability
4) Are looking for psychotropic medication alternatives
5) Are searching to understand their worth in Christ
6) Need convenient access to the above
7) Want to inspire and impact others; as I am

You may fit into one, a few, or all of these categories! I am willing to meet you where you are to help fulfill your unique needs. I see no person as the same and desire to learn how to best serve, connect with, and motivate each person I have the opportunity to work with.

Which of these areas do you connect to?

In what areas are you looking to grow in?

How can I serve you? Comment below!


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