Workout Wednesday – A Dose of Humility

wpid-20150730_200215.jpgFor this week’s Workout Wednesday post, I thought I would discuss my person experience of going through my recent unanticipated injury (are any anticipated????) that threw my workout regime for a loop!

As some of you may be aware, about a month ago, I tore a muscle in back. It was so severe that I could not side plank, side stretch, or sit with the muscle touching the back of a chair without experiencing intense pain. Unfortunately, I had also recently started Jillian Redefining Wellness and felt the pressure to gain credibility and have people join my wellness venture.

My injury was something I thought would ruin me and cause me to fall behind. In the immediate moment I “catastrophized” every aspect of my life from my weight, appearance, business, credibility, etc. I figured who would take me seriously if I got injured shortly after starting a fitness routine? How could I possibly make an impact?

Well… surprise… I was wrong.

Now that I am on the other side of this injury, I am glad to say that my business has not fallen apart, but instead, I have been able to truly focus my energy toward figuring out what I want Jillian Redefining Wellness to stand for and who I want to impact (which is why I have been doing my “SEPTEMBER SERIES” on Instagram and Facebook). I have had many people come alongside me and appreciate my openness and genuineness.

wpid-20150819_202045-1.jpgBut more importantly than my business ventures, my character was shaped by this trial (I truly believe God desired for me to go through this injury).

I had to really think about my motives and my heart. I had to lay down my insecurities and my vanity. I had to choose health and wellness instead of looking and appearing a certain way. I had to balance recovery with potential set backs and know in my heart that I was not being lazy, but a good steward of my body.

It is amazing how selfish thoughts can creep in and how easy it is to elevate the importance of ourselves, instead of the message and mission we have been given to share with others. I am glad to be better… not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

wpid-20150907_140151-1.jpgHow have workout setbacks influenced your life? Comment below!

AND if you are interested in getting back on track with your fitness and workouts, check out the group I will be running in the beginning of October or head over to my Contact Page to reach me.


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