Mental Health Monday – The E-Therapy Movement

I do not have to tell you that we are moving more and more services to be handled on the internet. You are aware because your life today is likely completely different than it used to be. We are able to access so many services through the internet and it is getting to the point where personal interaction seems like more of a hassle when trying to check off your to-do list or run errands.

I find it ironic, however, that the very source of our convenience can be the source of our stress. We are expected to do so much more because we are accessible 24/7. And often the very things that allow us to take care of ourselves and make us feel alive are pushed aside. We can find convenient versions of everything and tend to pursue them to fit more things into our daily schedules.

This is why counseling and therapy had to join this movement.

counseling words for onlinI will always believe that the benefits of meeting with someone in person are typically superior (there will always be outliers) than via electronics. However, what if you are too busy to make it to an appointment? What if your anxiety and depression keep you from leaving home? What if you don’t have a counselor or therapist available to you within 30 minutes drive? What if you don’t have access to transportation? What if you would NEVER consider mental health services if it was not an online service?

This is why I am standing firmly behind the E-Therapy movement.

There are so many people that are not receiving services for their mental health needs and E-Therapy is standing in that gap. E-Therapy, of course, will not be for everyone (e.g. suicidal or extreme psychosis). There are a large subset of people, however, that E-Therapy will be extremely effective and provide them with a quality of life they would not have otherwise.

people talking on networkStudies are already showing that clients feel more at ease in online sessions/less intimidated, tend to open up more, and miss fewer sessions than in face-to-face sessions. There are of course controversies of clients level of honesty, however it is always up to a client whether or not they want to be genuine in session.

I look forward to adding this service to Jillian Redefining Wellness and would appreciate your feedback as to how you believe this type of therapy could be enhanced. I would also appreciate hearing your concerns or experiences with E-Therapy.

Comment below so I may serve you and others well!


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