Theme Thursday – My Long-Term Vision

I believe it is of most importance to make sure people understand my heart and the reason behind why I started Jillian Redefining Wellness.

wpid-img_20150901_202425.jpgI have a strong passion for helping people and cannot seem to pin down exactly which area I get the most excited about! This is why I felt led to begin a holistic wellness initiative that would address the three areas that I believe truly cultivate a life that is lived to the fullest:

Mental Health
Physical Fitness
Spiritual Faith

I pursue all of these areas diligently everyday… with occasional setbacks of course! It would be my pleasure to share with you my professional training and expertise, as well as, my heart and life experience to enrich your quality of life. I believe you are the expert on you. I can never know you more than you know yourself, but I can surely help you to seek understanding, find motivation, increase your self-awareness, discover your values, and learn ways that are meaningful to you to cope with the everyday challenges that life throws at you.

This can apply to you if you are struggling with minor or major mental health concern, personal relationships, working out, eating right, finding your life purpose, understanding your beliefs and how that impacts your life, or finding out what God truly wants for you.

I will lay out the specifics of my current and future services to be offered later this month, so stay tuned!

I know that”redefining wellness” is a large task, but I care deeply about others fully wpid-img_20150907_212924.jpgunderstanding and embracing a lifestyle that leads them to being the best version of themselves. Our lives were meant to be lived to the fullest, but we are so easily sidetracked and neglect areas of our lives that decrease our quality of life.

This is where I want to help! Maybe you don’t need help in all three areas of mental, physical, and spiritual health… but if one is lacking, the others surely suffer. I hoe to journey with many of your to restore all areas of health so you can truly discover wellness.

How can I join your life journey? Comment below or email me at or find me on Instagram!


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