Family Friday – Why Youth Will NOT Value Family

About a month-or-so ago, I did a post on family idolatry. I have seen so many people, pre-generation X, fall into this mindset of making family EVERYTHING. If you missed that post, please check it out by clicking HERE!

WARNING… I will be sharing many politically incorrect statements. It is not to be hateful, but to shed light and truth on this topic. Be kind if you disagree.

Today I want to discuss why Generation X or Millennials  and beyond are likely to feel the exact opposite of their predecessors and place less, little, or no value on family.

As a Millennial myself, I see the regular detachment of my peers and those younger than me from their families. Honestly, many in these generations have to detach to maintain their mental health and sanity. We are the beginning of generations that have more broken homes than intact homes. More familial wounds. More divorce. More single moms. More abuse. More homes with both parents working.

These generations cannot set their hope of family because the likelihood is that their family will crumble. The family is not a secure foundation for them to rely on. If they put their hope and trust in family, they will be let down. Why would you set yourself up for failure? Value it less, suffer less. Lower expectations, minimized pain.

Furthermore, this is being propagated by the schools. Let’s say there is a student that has a traditional, intact family. This child is not able to say anything about how his/her family is normal or say he/she wishes that others could have a mommy and a daddy who love each other because that would make other kids feel bad. So, all kids are told that their families are “normal” and there really is no true definition of a family. How can you value something that you are told has no definition?

And lastly… Parents are causing their children to not value family. Those same people who worship family, are causing their own children to devalue it.

How? By causing them to worship their careers. How many of my generation were told that you can go to whatever college you want and pursue whatever career you want to find fulfillment in life? Pretty. Much. All. Of. Us. It was drilled into our heads that getting the “right” job, doing what we love, and making good money was the most important thing. And we saw our generation’s families falling apart, so of course this would not be our chosen source of idolatry. This inevitably meant that we would go away to school and pursue our careers… which likely caused us to move away from home permanently and not have the time, money, or vacation to use to spend more time with our families.

So, Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers are standing on completely opposite sides of the same issue. Idolize vs. Toss Aside… hurting each other. So what will happen in future generations? I believe that family will more and more become whatever people want to call it to be. I see more hurt, less commitment, more confusion, less stability. I hope for something better and will work to serve those who desire to honor family and truly love one another.

I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions! Agree and/or disagree respectfully.


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