AUGUST ABS – Mental Health Monday – Impotance of Reflecting and Processing

August did not play out AT ALL as I expected.

I was so looking forward to really getting after my ab workouts for August Abs and thought that I may even have a six pack by the end of August.

And then I tweaked my back (I have been told by multiple sources this was simply a result of stress and not something I did while working out). This really limited what I could do and how hard I could push, but I did what I could. Thankfully, as you may be aware if you followed my AUGUST ABS posts, the state of our abs is not just a result from working out. I have been able to really thinking through those other aspects and hopefully provide readers with valuable information that provides a more holistic  approach to what ab health looks like (NOT a six pack necessarily!!).

Because this is a Mental Health Monday. I am going to therap-ize this a bit! A large part of our mental health depends on our awareness and reflections on where we have been. NOT dwelling on the past, but thinking about what occurred so that you can determine your next steps. Reflecting can also be referred to as processing. It simply means thinking over something you recently went through so see what was it that you experienced and what can you learn from this situation that can help you in the future. Let’s think back to what we have learned and how it impacted us.

My other Mental Health Monday provided you with a mindfulness activity that engages your abs to help you become more familiar with your body and the sensations and feedback it provides you. I recorded the mindfulness activity, which you can download and listen to any time you want!

There were two Workout Wednesday posts #1 and #2 that provided you with some effective ab moves to try. I never would have thought that I would be adding content that would have been for those who have back problems! I must say that I was glad to have the accountability of AUGUST ABS to push through and produce valuable content. Accountability is SO crucial. In general, we do not want to let others down and so finding a way to keep you accountable is going to be key in following through with your goals.


I also featured two Family Friday posts. One discussed moms and their postpartum struggles with their self-image and how others can support them in their journey. The other touched on children and their current dependence on their parents to avoid being overweight and obtaining the belly fat that is so dangerous to their health. This theme was one that I was unsure about, but I was pleased to think on these topics and it got me to dream about a future of having a family!

We cannot forget about Tasty Tuesdays, because , I am sure you have heard that abs are made in the kitchen! I shared my tip about utilizing mushrooms in place of some ground beef to cut down on fat and calories and then highlighted More Herbs, Less Salt Day to encourage us to use low calorie, low fat flavor to enrich our food. These are tips that I have found to be so enjoyable and easy to include in our life and I was THRILLED to share these recipe ideas with you!

Theme Thursdays… I must say that I was pretty excited about my first post that addressed reframing when it comes to our thoughts surrounding our abs and life choices that impact our abs. I enjoy being slightly confrontational! The second post addressed how the health of our spine impacts our abs as well… not to mention basically every aspect of our bodies! It was neat to share my experience with chiropractic care because has been a blessing!

I hope that the posts were meaningful to you. I would love any feedback you are willing to provide. I have appreciated conceptualizing ab health in more ways than simple exercises. A holistic approach is necessary to achieving the results you are looking for. The appearance of your abs is only a small part of it! I am thankful to have gone on this journey with you!

Comment below with feedback! What was your favorite post(s)?!


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