AUGUST ABS: Theme Thursday – Spinal Health

AUGUST ABS: Spinal Health

I was never one of those people who though chiropractors were quacks… but I will say I did not consider needing their services and thought that it was not a good investment of my financial resources.

This year, I found out that I was very wrong.

I have had lower back pain for years and figured it was something everyone lives with and it never kept me from doing anything. But, being married for over four years and thinking about future children, my OBGYN told me I really needed to consider getting this resolved or else I would be in extreme pain should I get the blessing of becoming pregnant some day (SOME DAY… not now people… I repeat I am not currently with child).

So, I looked into chiropractic care and did a TON of research to find one that was not going to be someone just out for my money. This led me to Dr. Brian Russell of Russell Health and Wellness. PHENOMENAL.

I was amazed to be educated on just what chiropractic care can do for our bodies. Dr. Russell has a neat chart all over his office that tells you what different areas of your spine control throughout your body (not to mention his great education he provides all clients). Our spine is home to most of our nervous system and when it is out of alignment, it does not allow nutrients to properly reach our cells in those areas. If nerve cells don’t get the nutrition they need, they do not function properly… therefore our bodies do not function optimally.

Anxiety, appetite, attention, depression, digestion, and much more are all impacted by the health of our spine!! I don’t know about you, but I think ALL of these play a major role in my quality of life!! I found physical relief (no more morning headaches!), improvement in mood, appetite control, and sleep (no more night sweats!)

These were not the only things that improved as a result of my experience with chiropractic care. The other piece was my core strength and appearance of my abs! Part of my therapy was to correct my posture. I naturally bend my lower back when I am standing in a way that makes my butt slightly stick out (I’m not saying like I’m trying to get attention!!). This not only cause me pain, but also effected the appearance of my abs.

Once I corrected this, after many iterations of core exercises to reprogram my natural stance, my abs were flatter and were more defined! I will say that I was in good shape before, but this really did enhance the appearance and flat-ness of my abs! I certainly did not expect this, but it was a welcomed change!

So if you are looking for holistic care and improvement in your posture and abs, you may want to look into chiropractic services! I know I am glad I did!

What positive experiences have you had with chiropractors? I want to know!
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