AUGUST ABS: Tasty Tuesday – More Herbs, Less Salt Day!

I am not 100% sure how there are all these different assigned national days. Waffle Day, Peanut Butter Day, Ice Cream Day, etc…

I was looking through a calendar of these types of days and found that National “More Herbs, Less Salt Day” was coming up! I thought that this is a great day to acknowledge in light of August Abs!

saltSalt (I must say… I am a salt lover… and have low blood pressure) is something that has snuck its way in to SO much of our diet. When people are eating many processed food, the salt content is through the roof. Even still. our palates are so accustomed to high salt levels and so those of us who mostly cook are still prone to incorporating too much salt into our diets. Humans enjoy flavor. In America, that tends to involve salt and fat (whyyyyy is fried food so good?!).

I love that this national day points out an obvious answer to our flavor seeking taste buds!!

Herbs are a fantastic way to add that flavor we are seeking. There are so many out there and I feel as though, many people don’t really know how they taste! I remember getting a spice and herb rack when I got married and I did not really know what some of the herbs tasted like. Dried herbs and fresh herbs are SO radically different. Fresh herbs are game changers in your meals! They add a brightness and freshness that cancels any need to douse your food in salt. (I am not saying salt is evil about all else… just that it is another one of those moderation items.)

In thinking about how to incorporate this into tasty Tuesday, I thought I would share my simple vinaigrette formula, along with some ideas of flavor combos. Any of these vinaigrette you make could go on salads, be  used for stir-dry veggies, use to marinading meats, or be a topping for your cooked meat. Making your own sauces allows you to control your salt levels and gets rid of that fake flavor that is in many canned or jarred sauces. If you don’t know what I am talking about… make your own for a few months and then go try to stomach Kraft dressing… BLEK.


1/2 c EV Olive Oil
1/4 cup lemon OR lime juice
1/4 cup vinegar of choice handful of your favorite fresh herbs
1 clove of garlic
1/2 T sweetener of your choice (sugar, agave, honey, etc)
salt and pepper to taste

Here are some specific combinations we have enjoyed, but feel free to come up with some on your own too! In fact, I would love to hear about your ideas in the comments below!

Cider vinegar, lime juice (sub out the lemon), and cilantro
Red wine vinegar, lemon juice and a combo of thyme, oregano, and basil
Rice vinegar, lime juice, thai basil and cilantro
Balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and basil


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