August Abs: Workout Wednesday II

I will not go into too much detail via text, because I share a little in the beginning of the video, but these ab moves I am sharing with you today are effective for those who may be struggling with some back pain or are prone to back problems. I have recently been dealing with a strained muscle in my back that has really limited my mobility. Sitting still for days is just not an option for me. I will go bonkers. So, I have sought out ways to remain active (not as active as previous… sigh) and avoid straining my muscle more.

Recovery takes time and pushing the envelope too far will only lengthen your time in a compromised state. It is better to heal fully before getting back at it! (I am preaching this to myself too!! I need this accountability!)

What ab exercises have you found to be the most helpful? Do you have any chronic pain that keeps you from working your abs? Comment below!

Special thanks to my hubby for recording me!!


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