Mental Health Monday : August Abs Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a large movement in counseling and therapy. It is all about paying attention, in the present moment, on purpose, in a non-judgmental way. Traditionally, mindfulness is linked to Buddhism, however, I believe it can be used with any type of faith background, or none at all. When trying this mindfulness exercise, I was able to focus on connecting with God by appreciating how He created me. Becoming more aware of your body allows you to know when you are starting to get stressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed. This specific exercise, utilizes your abs/stomach, which is an area that many people carry their stress. Knowing how your body feels when your stomach tightens gives you feedback that you can recognize later on which can notify you to take a break, use a coping skill (deep breathing, prayer, reframing) or get yourself away from a stressful environment.

I have included a voice recording of this month from this exercise for you to try out. You do not have to be super fit to do this mindfulness exercise. It will engage your ab muscles, but it is nowhere near a workout.

I would love to get your feedback on this exercise and hear how you felt after doing it!

(The link is utilizing Dropbox. You DO NOT need a Dropbox account to listen to it! If it does not automatically play, then you can download the file and listen via Quicktime)

When you are done with the exercise above, feel free to check out my two tips on getting good value for your health, fitness, and nutrition!


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