Theme Thursday: AUGUST ABS – Reframing


We all have them, it is just a matter of how developed they are and how much they are concealed by stored fat. Many people are self conscious about their stomach and dread those summer months where bathing suits are commonplace. We see magazines, TV commercials, billboards, social media ads, and people who have no problem flaunting what they have. We are constantly inundated with weight loss programs, fitness equipment, new ways to slim down without having to even work for it… I could go on and on.

In the midst of all the media attention adding to the abs conversation… I would like to add a few things:

  1. albert-einstein-thinking-quoteFlat, toned abs will not automatically bring  you happiness or personal satisfaction with your body. This is something that you have to choose on your own.
  2. Your abs will never look like   (insert any person’s name here)  ‘s abs. So please stop comparing yourself. You are setting yourself up to fail.
  3. Life is not about having the sexiest abs. There is a lot of work and self deprivation that typically needs to occur (maybe a bit less if you by chance have lucky genetics) in order to get fitness model abs. The time and level of control around what you eat may not be worth it to you, that is okay! Pursue what you value and love the people around you. I promise they will not love you more or less based on the state of your abs (and if they did… are they really valuing YOU?)
  4. Life is not about eating the post pleasurable foods at all times. Our culture has gone WAY too far with hedonistic eating tendencies. It is time to get a new perspective on food. Food is really meant to fuel our bodies. We often fill our bodies with calories, but not fuel. If you want your body to function optimally (including properly burning calories), then give it what it needs and not what pleases your taste buds (not that healthy foods are not delicious… but I understand they can seem less tantalizing!)
  5. Taking care of yourself feels good. I guarantee you, if you are actively taking steps toward healthfulness, something pretty much everyone agrees they should do, you will feel more positively about your self-image and develop confidence.
  6. Your motivation must be placed appropriately. If you are motivated to look a certain way, your journey may be frustrating and you will constantly be self-criticizing. Even when you reach your goal, chances are it won’t be good enough… or you at least are thinking negatively of yourself until you get there. That internal dialogue is very difficult to just stop or turn off. Your motivation should be to get healthy and strengthen your body to reach the potential it was made for. When your motivation is in the right place, you feel the victories of your efforts more often!

I hope this was an encouragement to you and helps you to rethink your current ab status! What step or point do you need to work on? Are there areas where you need some guidance, encouragement, or help?

Feel free to comment below or email me at I am thrilled to answer your questions.



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