Tasty Tuesday: AUGUST ABS are made in the kitchen – Lean Sloppy Joes

We have all heard the phrase that “Abs are made in the kitchen,” simply meaning that you can have the strongest abs ever, but if they are covered in a layer of fat, they will never be seen. SO, I figured that a low fat tip and recipe is in order for the month of AUGUST ABS!

I am not typically a canned food kinda girl. (Don’t hate now…)

Like not even canned tomatoes.

BUT… there is a soft spot in my heart for MANWICH! I know… probably not the best thing, but let’s face it, a lot of us use this product and have some nostalgic connection to it. I am not saying eat Manwich everyday of your life, but if it is something you enjoy, do not feel guilty about it! And if you really feel strongly against it, please feel free to make your own sauce! There are many recipes out there… I am sure I will venture out someday, but for now this is a convenient GLUTEN FREE item for us to use in a pinch!

NOW… I am about to share with you a trick to help you have no guilt or remorse at all!! I am going to share how we eat Manwich; with way less fat and calories!

My secret weapon???


Now, do not just write me off OR WAIT don’t close the window or leave!!! HEAR ME OUT!
Perhaps you are not a major mushroom fan; I get it. Perhaps you think your kiddos or hubby will never go for this… give me a chance!

The first time I pulled this trick, the hubby DID NOT NOTICE. We went through the entire meal and he said nothing about it tasting different or having a different texture. I told him later and he was completely surprised. You don’t have to tell your family your trick though!

Here is how to do it. Manwich calls for a pound of meat. I will typically do 3/4 pound of ground sirloin (you can do turkey, but the mushrooms will not blend in/disguise as well). Make sure your sirloin is 90% lean or better. If this is not reasonable to you, you can get other meat, just know the fat content will be higher. I then add 12 ounces of crazy fine “chopped” mushrooms (they cook down).

The best way to do this is in your food processor. Be mindful not to let it get to a paste, but blend/chop for a few seconds for it to get going and then you can go in spurts toward the end. I also add in some fresh garlic to the food processor to add extra flavor.

Can you even tell there are mushrooms in here!?!?!

That easy. Cook your meat with salt and pepper to taste. Add in the mushrooms when cooked. They should blend RIGHT in… invisishrooms! You can then add in your sauce and serve your lower cal Manwich on a bun, over polenta, on a salad, in wraps, or in corn tortillas!

Mushrooms can be added to any dish that uses ground beef to cut fat and calorie counts. I have used this trick in biscuits and gravy, meatloaf, hamburgers, skinny chili cheese fries, and chili.

What will you use this trick for?! I want to know!! Comment below!


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