Family Friday: AUGUST ABS – Shout out to Mommas and Hopeful To-Be Mommas

Sorry fellas, I guess this one is geared more to the ladies… but you can still read to help gain perspective on what is going on in our brains!

I don’t think anyone has to guess as to why moms and abs can easily be discussed together.

In a relatively short amount of time, pregnant women have their stomach completely transformed and then within a few hours (INTENSE hours), all that stretching that occurred over the past 9 months is reversed. Baby and fluids are out, but the skin and muscles are still stretched.

Those muscles don’t just come back overnight. There is no shame in this ladies! And men please be understanding. Your wife knows she does not reflect what you are used to, but being supportive during this time is crucial. The last thing a new momma needs is to feel undesirable by her man.

radiantmomI would love to speak to bouncing back after having a baby, but since I have not personally gone through birthing a child myself, I feel as though I have not earned the right to preach getting back to your pre-baby body (though there are MANY examples of women who have ladies!). I will encourage you to seek out good information and find workouts that specifically target your new “trouble” areas. Crunches, I hear, don’t cut it!

I will, however, speak to those of you who are hoping to be a mom one day or hoping to have another baby. I am included in this group… so I think it is fair game!

Start NOW with your ab exercises! One of my big motivators to get on top of my ab/core strength has been that I am hoping to have the blessing (note ladies… it is not a right to have a baby… it is a gift) of getting pregnant in the near-ish future and having strong abs is critical when it comes to easing the birthing process (as much as that is possible!) and recovering after. You cannot start a new fitness routine when you are pregnant, so starting early and establishing ab workouts early is super important.

I know motivation can be hard, but that is where our fellas can come in and encourage us… even do workouts with us! -OR- You can do what I did, and seek out other women who are already moms that are pursuing fitness and find your motivation through an amazing community of women who have been through this and are living testimonies to what you hope for.

Are you interested in a joining a community like this?? Our team would LOVE to have you join us on your momma or pre-momma journey. Team INSPIRE is filled with women who are motivating, encouraging, and at different parts of their fitness journey. Please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form for more details or email me at


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