Workout Wednesday: Togetherness

I am one of those crazy people that likes running long distances.

In fact, one reason I love it, is I like having time to myself to think and rejuvenate mentally.
(Can we say introvert!!!)

Back in the day, I played soccer and was always just about the only person on my team (from the age of 10 to 21) who loved distance running… and I was pretty good at it. This often meant that I was running alone though.

After college, I didn’t have a team to play on and started distance running between 25 and 40 miles a week (nowadays its more like 24-30… or less if I do cardio workouts at home).

I have always ran alone.

I never needed anyone to motivate me to run. I just did. I never understood the people who said they needed a workout buddy or running buddy to stay faithful to working out…

Until recently.

Admittedly, I am still fully motivated to workout on my own, BUT, I have at least experienced and relished the concept of working out with others and the joys of doing so. I have realized that the basic tenants of humanity carry over to the idea of working out as well! One key tenant is:

We were not meant to do life on our own.

Humans, in general, do not function optimally when totally isolated. THIS is why people want to workout together! We all want to be a part of something, to belong. When we know we will receive support and encouragement, endure similar struggles, and make meaningful connections, our likelihood to do something increases.

After a 17 mile run in the rain!
After a 17 mile run in the rain!

I first experienced the fruits of working out together with my hubby when we trained for a marathon together. I will be honest to say that, at first, I was pretty frustrated because we were at very different fitness levels. But when I decided to stop being self-centered on MY pace and MY training preferences and MY desire to not walk, and I acknowledged HIS sacrifice and HIS diligence, and HIS love, we were able to have a training experience that was beyond physical fitness goals. We were able to grow in our relationship, learn how to (and not to!) motivate each other, and deepen our appreciation for each other.

Naperville Marathon 2013!

I had NO idea what I had been missing out on!!

Running alone after that felt empty. And THAT is when I finally got the whole workout buddy sentiment! Working out with a sense of togetherness is a beautiful experience and makes working out something to look forward to!

And, now that I have joined Team INSPIRE and have a group of fitness professionals and enthusiasts who are also working out, making and achieving fitness goals, and working to help others do the same; I am finding more joy and excitement around working out. I am actually  following through on strength training! My online bootcampers FIRE. ME. UP!!

So who is your workout buddy? What do you love about your togetherness experience?! Share below!



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