Mental Health Monday: Priorities

I had an entirely different plan for a post yesterday… Monday… And, obviously, that got scrapped. Blogging is definitely a priority of mind and I am hoping to connect with as many people as possible to help inform and encourage around the topics of mental, physical, and spiritual health; but not at the expense of my own.

As a business owner, full time employee, fitness enthusiast, and dinner preparer, and wife, I have many things calling for my attention (I know,  know… “Just wait til you have kids!). There are going to be days that I have things that demand my attention or days where I have a choice of a few things that I can realistically do and some things have to fall to the wayside until another day.

What things have you had to throw to the wayside for another day?

Get those things in your head… think about them… hold onto them…

If the things we continually put off are things that are of great value to us, we experience stress, guilt, and a loss of identity. Prioritizing the things are are important is a practice that must be in place to ensure the quality of our mental health.

Why is this so difficult?

Time tables, deadlines, immediacy.

When your child is screaming, or your boss says that you have to stay late, the research paper is due, your best friend is feeling depressed … the pressure comes on to ditch what is currently on your docket of responsibility to address these new, immediate things. And addressing these things may need to happen. But do they happen too often? Do we allow some things to dictate our life and push out the things we value like…

Being at someone’s game, following through on a promise, working out to take care of your body, preparing meals because you really cannot afford to eat out, helping your spouse to take care of the home… etc.?

When we repeatedly push off things that we know we want to prioritize, because of their strong sense of value to us, this is when the guilt can ride in our our dissatisfaction with our life circumstances and ourselves can creep in.

Two things:

1. We must create space and time to ensure these priorities are addressed.

2. We must forgive ourselves and be content to pursue plan B, C, or D should they arise.

Yesterday was a Mental Health Monday for me. A job we have been waiting to be posted for my husband… since MARCH… finally got posted Monday. Assisting him and being present with him as he filled out an application that could change the trajectory of our future was surely more important to me yesterday than writing a blog. I know you forgive me… and if not… I am okay with that. I am at peace with my decision because I am confident in my values and aware of how I need to prioritize.

So what are the things in your life that you value that you have not been able to get to? What do you need to forgive yourself for?
What do you need to allot time for?

I would love to know your thoughts on this post! Comment below!


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