Workout Wednesday: Changing Things Up

Down Dog
Down Dog

I am so thankful that 2015 has been a year that I have been focusing on building core strength.

I never liked strength training and took advantage of my genetic tendencies and trim physique to justify not needing to pursue strength training. There were also excuses of not wanting to “look like a man” or bulk up.

Little did I know, but my lack of strength was leading to me having significant lower back pain and ended up pursuing chiropractic care (will discuss at a later time!). To my surprise, a great deal of my treatment focused on core strength training and physical therapy. My body changed drastically during this time… for the better.

Fast forward to present day…

Down Dog Split
Down Dog Split

I have been working on coaching an online bootcamp that utilizes workouts that are a combination of Pilates and Yoga. I was surprised at how well I was prepared for this considering the core training I had already begun through chiropractic PT.

I have in no way arrived, however, and I am finding that my balancing abilities and arm strength are incredibly lacking. These workouts are targeting those weak areas and are also increasing my flexibility which is crucial to athletic ability and day-to-day comfort.

I am amazed at the results I am getting already and the thrill of doing something new and challenging. Doing the same old, same old fitness routine gets… well… old. I love running, but at the same time it is easy. I can coast and get little from it other than knowing I

Down Dog Open Split
Down Dog Open Split

burned some calories and had some time to clear my mind and exert energy. All of these are good things… GREAT things… but I

have realized that I have been

missing out on more excitement and ways to grow myself by simply being lazy to not

pursue changing up my routine. AND I find that when I do run now, I have a newer appreciation and zeal for it. (Not to mention how I am a better runner due to my new built strength!)

Are you a creature of habit? Are you bored with your workout routine? Perhaps you are now waking up to the idea that you may

Bringing it in to...
Bringing it in to…

be missing out on some excitement and new accomplishments/growth.

accomplishments/growth? I would love to help you in your fitness journey!

Fill out the comment box below to ask any questions you may have about how to maximize your results.

Pigeon Stretch
Pigeon Stretch

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