Mental Health Monday: Therapeutic Recreation

According to the Summit Professional Education (SPE) website , July 8th through the 15th is National Therapeutic Recreation Week. SPE says,

“The National Therapeutic Recreation Society (NTRS) sets aside this week every year to raise awareness of therapeutic recreation programs and services for individuals with disabilities. Therapeutic Recreation can aid a wide range of clients in Geriatric, Pediatric, Physical Therapy fields, and more.”

Most of the therapy ideas and events listed all seem to be for physical and intellectual disabilities. Clearly all fields listed can surely have a need for increased awareness and can benefit from recreation as a therapy modality. However, the field of mental health could easily be included in this week! Perhaps there are events and activities held somewhere for mental health… if you know of any, please comment! But I believe this continues to pay tribute to the fact that mental health issues are constantly stigmatized and physical fitness and recreation are not common modalities for addressing mental health concerns.

It is my passion to combine the different aspects of wellness: mental, physical, and spiritual, so that people may experience the fullness of life that we were made to experience. The work I am starting through this blog and my present fitness coaching endeavors, is to help raise awareness and pour into the lives of people who are looking to enrich their lives and overcome the obstacles in their mental, physical, and spiritual struggles. I am hoping for more people to come alongside me to support this mission so that I am able to devote more of my time and energy to this goal.

Please look for more growth as I look to add services and opportunities. If you are in charge of a counseling or therapy practice/center, I would love to connect with you. I have a vision to add fitness as a therapeutic intervention and would love to team up with your practice.1435895701146

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