Workout Wednesday: Strength’s Strengths!

Strength training is something I dreaded for the longest time. And if I am completely honest with you… (gasp!)… strength training is not my favorite form of exercise.

Runners are notorious for neglecting strength training, but this is a crucial element in keeping a fit body for now and the years to come.

My general dislike of strength training sure stemmed from my complete misunderstanding of its benefits… or Strength’s Strengths! I have a natural tendency toward muscle definition (thanks to my father’s genetics) and always thought that it was not feminine or attractive.

This. Is. False. I am no less feminine because I have muscle tone. You will be no less feminine if you get muscle tone. (Sorry fellas… not meaning to leave you out, but it TENDS to be that you all embrace muscles a little more than the ladies!)

Also, when I first did strength training, I followed a three sets of 6 to 8 repetition to fatigue routine (prescribed by my college soccer coach for off season training) and I bulked up. Then summer came and strength training stopped… and I lost all that toned muscle and was very dissatisfied with my body.

What is your hang up about strength training? I hope to debunk it!

Amazing and unique push-up from my workout that combines pilates and yoga. Such a fun spin on strength training!
Amazing and unique push-up from my workout that combines pilates and yoga. Such a fun spin on strength training! And no… my head is not on the floor!

I have recently started strength training again using self resistance (no weights) and I am amazed at the results I have gained. Here are the Strengths of Strength…

1. Getting leaner and burning more fat. Muscle burns more fat. The more you have, the more you burn… even after working out because you are recovering.

2. Faster running times. I have significantly increased my mile splits since doing strength training… by a full minute in less than a year’s time!

3. Increased metabolism… which equals being able to eat more food. Do you NEED to ask why this is a good thing??

4. More independence and confidence. I can rely on my body more to handle strenuous work!

5. Feeling more holistically healthy. I know that I am pursuing what is good and right for my body. I will decrease the risk of injury now and osteoporosis later. Also, the more healthy choices you make… more tend to follow! I know I am more fully fit than previously.

I will say it took me a while to embrace the changes in my body, but I am so glad that I have pursued being strong and fit instead of pursuing skinniness. I am not saying there is anything wrong with skinny bodies, but pursuing skinniness for the sake of skinniness is not necessarily pursuing wellness. Wellness is surely more important than the label I can choose for my body.

Do you need to improve your strength? Wondering how? I will be running an amazing online bootcamp July 6th that will help you gain the strength you need to be fit! Find me on Instagram @jillianredefiningfitnessĀ  … leave a comment with your email … or fill out the contact form below!

Strong and confident!
Strong and confident!


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