Theme Thursdays

As a therapist, I personally pursue self-care to ensure my ability to continue to serve those who struggle through life’s daily challenges and help them to find victory over those struggles and create a better version of themselves each day.word-cloud-1

Self-care is a term that got thrown around a lot in my graduate school, but it is a practice that not only counselors and therapists need to pursue, but all people if they want to live a balanced life and be able to rest their head in confidence at night.

For Theme Thursdays, I will talk about how physical health and spiritual health have direct impacts on our mental health. Being well requires attention to all of these areas, and so, my Thursdays will be spent showing evidence for this through published research, guest bloggers, and stories of real life people (I think I am one of those too…!) who have found investing in other areas of their life has allowed them to experience peace, joy, and victory in their mental wellness.

Kaur and Vashisht (2010) said, “The evidence for psychological benefits of exercise although impressive for mentally healthy individuals is even stronger for psychiatric population” (p. 236). This is great news! We ALL go through stressors in life and can benefit from exercise. Let me tell you… I am essentially ADHD and more emotionally volatile if I do not work out. I do not personally have any diagnoses, but I know exercise helps keep me mentally well. However, for those who do struggle more with mental wellness, exercise has and even MORE profound effect for you! Exercise is a medication that is FREE and the only side effects are positive!

What areas of your life are you looking for relief from? Exercise can help to give you the edge for victory in that area. I would love to help you in your journey toward wellness! I know leaving a comment may feel too vulnerable so I am adding a contact form to give you privacy. Let me know how I can help YOU!



Kaur, J., & Vashisht, A. (2010). Exercise and Mental Health. Delhi Psychiatry Journal, 13(2), 236-239. Retrieved June 19, 2015, from


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