Tasty Tuesday

I am super excited about this Tuesday series because I am a foodie to the max and love cooking! Being able to have food that is delicious, healthy, and something that can be utilized as leftovers is essential for our household. I do have the tendency to do some elaborate recipes here and there, but because I know that life without kids allows me that, I will stick to simple recipes that can be made quickly!

Being able to personally prepare healthy and nutritious food for my family is a strong value of mine that I know has a large impact on the well-being of a household. It effects your budget, energy levels, enjoyment, weight, body composition, and family bonding (try bonding over burnt casserole LOL).

My first recipe to share was, honestly, a NO BRAINER. This is a meal that is crazy quick and easy to prepare… so much so… that I named it…

(facil = easy in Spanish)

So here we go people! This is a Slow Cooker Recipe. You do not need a mondo-sized one.

Chicken Facil

This is the chicken after it has been cooked in the salsa, cream of chicken, and seasoning slurry.
This is the chicken after it has been cooked in the salsa, cream of chicken, and seasoning slurry.

2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast (cleaned)
16 oz any salsa of your choice (you can get creative here people!)
1 can 98% fat free cream of chicken (if you have another cream of whatever, that can work!)
28 oz of taco seasoning (or one packet)
2-10 cloves of minced garlic (we LOVE garlic people… maybe you don’t?? (is that possible??))
Salt and Pepper to taste
8 oz sour cream (low fat really isn’t worth it here… but if you insist it will just be less creamy)

Place chicken in the slow cooker. I will even place them in frozen if I am doing this before work so the chicken doesn’t get overly cooked by my slow cooker.
Mix all ingredients EXCEPT the sour cream (it will get funky if you add it in now) in a bowl thoroughly and then pour it over the chicken so the chicken is completely covered.
Set the slow cooker for 4 hours on high or 12 hours on low. This can be super flexible depending on your time table. The chicken cooks quite quickly when raw. If frozen, it will obviously take a little longer.
When the chicken is cooked, shred the meat. This will be crazy easy to do.

Chicken all shredded and sour cream added.
Chicken all shredded and sour cream added.

Add in your sour cream post shredding and mix well.

We eat ours on tostada shells or in warmed corn tortillas. I will even have it as a salad topping too. We often eat it with refried beans as well… which I happen to have a FANTASTIC recipe for that has nothing to do with frying or fat! Perhaps I will have to share that next week…

Does this look like something you could fit into your family meals?

Any requests for types of recipes? Please leave a comment below!

Tasty Tostada!
Tasty tostada with homemade “refried” beans,  lettuce, and tomato!

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