Family Fridays… Revamped!

Ah how quaint… Family Friday…

A day where we get to see everyone’s picture-perfect, smiling, fun-filled families loving every second of their perfect family life.

If you have not picked up on the dripping sarcasm by now, here is your cue!

Family. This holds so much joy for some and so much pain for others. We all know that we do not choose our family and that so much of our life and who we are is dependent on those people we spend our developmental years with. Later on we get the opportunity to choose a life-long partner to create a new family… but people change, we change, and those little humans that are produced are not always what we expected they would be… OR we do not expect them… or cannot have them.

Our family members know the most about us. They can bring us the greatest joy and inflict the deepest wounds. And regardless of our good intentions, we end up hurting those we love most and those who love us end up hurting us.

My intention for Family Fridays is to get real about family life. I want to talk about tools you and your family can use to lessen the hurts and deepen the joys. This will include single people, married people, and people with kids. I hope to reach all ages and genders as well. I so appreciate you letting me be a part of your family and take very seriously the role of influence I may have.

chaos family


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