Work Out Wednesday: Running Through the Storms of Life

It never ceases to amaze me just how much working out can be a perfect image of living life.

On Monday, I went out for a 6 mile run. It was hot and sunny, but I was not about to complain because there have only been a handful of 80 degree+ days since November of last year. I felt a bit sluggish, but pressed on knowing that it was worth putting a mediocre workout down in the books than skipping one altogether.

I had about 2 miles left and noticed some pretty intense clouds rolling in and distant rumbles of thunder. As cars were speeding to get home, I realized I might want to step on it and get home a little faster!

With 1.5 miles to go, the rain hit. I thought, “Figures… the random rain shower hits during the time I run.”

With 1.25 miles to go the hail started.

With 1 mile to go I was getting PELTED by hail (audible” Ow”s may or may not have occurred).

In the midst of the pelting, I busted out laughing. So much laughing was going on that a dude passing by on his bike took the time to stare at me as if I was from outer space (my family has a theory on this… but that is for another day).

At that moment I realized the storm was not hitting during my run, but rather I was in the midst of the storm.

Do you see the difference?

The first time was big ME and the world… the second time is the big WORLD and little me. The storm did not come to affect my life. The storm was simply there and I was getting through it. It was my choice of how I wanted to get through. I chose to enjoy it. I felt SO alive in the midst of it.

Would I have felt different if I was carrying my phone? iPod? Etc? Probably… I would have been furious that they were being damaged and at how much money was being “washed down the drain” (uh… pretty literally). These things we add to our lives often steal our joy. What simple freedom I was able to experience without them!

Do you tend to see the world and your surroundings inconveniencing you? Are you attached to your possessions? Or… do you experience life as it comes and understand that you are a very small part? Your contribution is valuable (!!) but you are not the center of it all.

How have you experienced the joys of life today? What is your beautiful, laughable rainstorm?

Comment below!

Post Run! Soaked and Lovin’ it!

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