Welcome to the Journey Redfining of Wellness!

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

We live in a world that is rampant with depression, anxiety, stress, lack of self worth, guilt, and loneliness. I could quote thousands of statistics, but this is something our society is keenly aware of, yet when it gets personal we tend to sweep it under the rug.

We do not deal with these burdens and turn to many vices to put bandages over our mental and emotional wounds; often in isolation. Whether we are diagnosable mentally ill or going through a rough season of life, we often enter into times of appearing okay but struggling under it all with little to no hope. What does this do to our well-being?

But, what would happen if we sought help to heal our mental and emotional wounds? What would happen if we got out and lived life away from our media-saturated culture? What would happen if we moved and worked our bodies as they were created to do and fueled it with the nutrients it needs? What if we tapped into our inner-self and thought deeply about our values and priorities?

When we choose to intentionally pursue mental, physical, and spiritual health, I believe we reach a new type of holistic fitness. I believe fitness is not just being able to run fast/far or lift heavy weights; it is an interconnected web of all parts of our being.

When we attend to all parts… that is when we start our journey toward true wellness.

Will you join me in redefining wellness? I would love to hear your thoughts and life experiences in the comments below, as well as, any topics of interest you would like addressed in any of the areas of mental, physical, or spiritual health.

Which areas have you been addressing? Which have you struggled to address or have not even begun?

Thank you and I look forward to our journey together!

Jillian and the Mister

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